Diabetes self-care at your fingertips.

Neap improves the emotional and physical wellbeing for people living with diabetes.

Andy online

Another tough day of rollercoaster blood sugars 🎢

Andy online

I just want a day off from diabetes 😔


Hi Andy 👋, we totally understand how you feel. Diabetes sucks.


One of our diabetes therapists can call you today at 8pm? 🙂

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A solution for people living with diabetes.

If you live with type one diabetes, it’s likely you’re tired and exhausted from managing the endless waves of management. We believe, that there should be more support, a helping hand and someone to check-in on us now and again.

We’re Neap, and we’re here to calm the tides of diabetes, and make it a little less stressful.

Key Benefits

Improve your diabetes management

Reduce diabetes related

Take charge of your mental
and physical wellbeing

Access a network
of experts


Journal your diabetes metrics AND your mood (we believe they are equally important!)

Personalised mindfulness and meditation practices

Access to a network of highly-trained healthcare professionals and expert insights

Health Tracker
and Calendar

Seamlessly log diabetes measures from glucose levels to heart rate variability and reflect on how they change month-to-month.

Self-Care hub and Support

Practice engaging activities and courses specifically designed for people with diabetes to improve your emotional awareness and increase wellbeing.

Daily Journal and Health Insights

Record factors that can influence diabetes management such as mood, stress, physical activity, and hormone levels in the Neap mindfulness journal.


Connect & log your
glucose device


Log your mood &


Practice mindfulness


Check-in with a
diabetes therapist

Our Values

We support people with diabetes managing their stress and emotions by using a scientifically proven mindfulness-based approach.

We Understand

We're founded by an entrepreneur living with type one diabetes who teamed up with psychologists to find a mental health solution for people living with diabetes.

Pushing For Better

We believe mental health support for people living with diabetes can be better.

Support in your hands

Driven to provide an accessible mental health solution for the 3.8m people living with diabetes in the UK.

Here For a Virtual Coffee

We know that living with diabetes can be an isolating experience, we're always here for a virtual coffee if you want to talk.

Meet your psychologists
Dr Sarah Sauchelli-Toran

Senior Researcher BBMRI

Daniela Austin

EPIC Research Associate in eHealth

Join the community

You are not alone.

Keep track of your mental wellbeing as you do with your glucose levels. Join a supportive community of peers or post your comments anonymously.

Get started
Does Neap integrate with my blood glucose monitor?
Yes. Neap can connect with your blood glucose monitor and other devices.
How much does Neap cost?
The app costs £9.99 per month or £49 annually (less than a coffee a week!).
Is Neap covered by healthcare insurance providers?
If you'd like to be access Neap through your health insurance contact Hello@neap.io.
Can I download my metrics?
Yes, the information from your physical and mental health parameters tracking are fully downloadable in PDF format.
What is diabetes distress?
Diabetes distress is the emotional distress resulting from living with diabetes and the burden of daily self-management.
What is diabetes burnout?
Diabetes distress, if severe, can lead to diabetes burnout, a condition where the person disregards their glucose levels due to high stress and poor mental health.
Mindfulness - what does it mean?
Mindfulness is a meditation practise that focuses on the “here and now”. By training your mind to be fully in the present moment, you let go of the worries for the past and the future and you become more appreciative of the present.
How can mindfulness help me?
Mindfulness is scientifically proven to improve the physical and mental health of people living with chronic conditions like diabetes.